The collapsible powder container for up to 10 metric tons

An intelligent and eco-friendly Solution for Handling and Storage of powdered goods

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A collapsible Container for pulverized goods and fine Granules. A new element in the supply chain.


Up to 10 tons/ 9 cbm capacity. Still up to 12 MegaBags can be brought back to the point of loading in a single standard container.


The MegaBag can replace today's single-use plastic big bags as a sustainble solution at comparable costs

A true innovation in logistics of powders and fine granules. A stringent, sustainable, reusable concept. No waste, no investment and practically no dependance on existing infrastructure

Why Energico?


After years of practical (both personal and work-related) experience at hand, our team of passionate gardeners is your only option!

Qualified for funding programs dedicated to support innovative Start-Up-Companies

In Cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Material flow and Logistics

Environmental regulation as much as a more sustainable approach by companies require affordable new solutions for transshipping. Especially in temporary project business and in regions with no suitable infrastructure.

MegaBag Advantages


A reusable solution with this capacity is unique on the European market!

Compatibel to


The MegaBag can be easily integrated in existing supply chains!


Waste as it occurs when using plastic big bags is strictly avoided!

Volume of about

9 cbm

The MegaBag allows to transport up to 10t of material!

Reduces dust


When unloading the MegaBags dust emmissions are reduced to a minimum!


The MegaBag is designed to do multiple loading and unloading cycles with minimal wear and tear!

Stackable &


Transport and Storage with optimized footprint and compact retrieval!


The MegaBag is a fully functional outdoor storage system!

A cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute with the objective
to built a fully functional prototype in Q1 2021 has been successfully completed

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The MegaBag opens up new possibilities in powder logstics. Its innovative, reusable concept allows highly efficient and sustainable transport and storage solutions in international supply chains
Dipl-Ing. Wolfgang Lammers
Fraunhofer IML, Dortmund
The MegaBag has the potential to change powder logistics and to revolutionize its sustainability
Thomas Duve
Shareholder MegaBag GmbH
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Doc Emmett Brown
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