MegaBag - The Innovatio

The Eco-friendly
affordable solution for powders and fine granules. A ecologically sensible reusable alternative to one-way standard big bags.

Environmental regulation as much as a more sustainable approach by companies require affordable new solutions for transshipping. Especially in temporary project business and in regions with no suitable infrastructure.

The concept

The use of the MegaBag is planned as a stringent multi-use concept:

It will be filled at the place of loading. Then transported by vessel, truck or train or multimodal to its destination and emptied.

Afterwards it gets collapsed and brought to the next place of loading, for example by standard-container.

Cranes (stationary or mobile), fork lift trucks or reach stackers handle the MegaBag. No specific infrastructure required.

Design specifications

The MegaBag is designed to carry a maximum of 10 tons of material. Part loading is possible.

It can be kept outside and stacked up to 3 layers.

The MegaBag can discharge into Silo-Trucks, warehouses, production lines etc. and is designed to reduce dust emissions to a minimum during unloading.

All specifications, except stacking up to 3 layers, were tested in Q1 2021 during trials with a fully functional prototype.


All pictures shown on this website are just schematic functional representations. In order to protect our intellectual property we forego on detailled pictures and construction drawings.